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Baker's Boy was set up in Kuala Lumpur in 2003 to sell the Mexican Bun. Created by combining a Mexico’s traditional recipe from Mexican and Western baking means, the flavour of the bun quickly become a hot favourite among bread lovers in Malaysia. The Mexican Bun is famous at Crispy and a deep sense of taste to sign of well-known the bread has become.



Crispy is our top seller due to its distinctive bread of cream topping and soft, aromatic bun. Fifteen distinctive flavours are available – Vanilla, Peanut, Orange, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coconut, Pandan, Durian, Banana, Mango, Corn, Cheese, Cappuccino, Butter and the Original Coffee. Regardless of the flavour, each of our buns offers the same wholesome taste in every buns, tarts, puffs and pies. All created with the same attention to feel and taste. Among the recommended items are crispy pineapple bun, egg tart, crispy tart, and various crispy pies. Our product selection is regularly enhanced by a fresh collection of buns, puffs and pies designed by our dedicated product research & development centre. New products are carefully concocted reflect the changing taste and trend in the market.



Baker's Boy believes in the unrivalled quality of Crispy Bun and its universal appeal to bread lovers everywhere. We are one of the most successful speciality bakery shops in the region and we are confident of expanding its appeal and bringing its winning flavour to the rest of the world. Currently, there are 15 Baker's Boy outlets throughout Malaysia. In the span of five months, we have established seven other outlets due to a surge in demand. Our future expansion plan is to build on the quality and reputation of our products and established a major presence in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea and the Middle East.



Baker's Boy currently offers individuals with the requires experience and funding the opportunity to profit from the growth of the company through franchising. We are looking for motivated individuals who are familiar with their local business environment and are able to set up the franchise business in a strategic area with good management and ample manpower support.

The Aroma Taste

Bread is the tradisional practice of Mexican.

Rich coffee aroma, mellow taste of butter with dough, under high temperature to appear more enjoy strong coffee aroma.

Just the entrance, coffee and creamflavor heavy and mellow, after eating, in the mouth will leavethe intense flavor.

It is with baked, crispy outside with soft, let the people desire

want to eat.

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